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Liana Perillo uniquely couples her resonant, soothing voice with a contemporary approach to the harp. She plays both electric and acoustic harps and often incorporates ethereal analog effects, lush layers and electronic beats. Liana's music is intended to bring listeners to a space of reverence, beauty and deep internal presence.

Her musical roots originated in 90's RnB music and flourished into further exploration of genres spanning classical, jazz, and intercultural music such as indian classical, Italian and Brazillian rhythms and vocal styles. Artists influencing her sound include Alicia Keys, Lauryn Hill, Turya, Björk and Katie Noonan.

Liana frequently performs across Melbourne at iconic venues and events. From the Australian Open, to the Toyota AFL Grand Final performing alongside Conrad Sewell, Liana’s versatility translates her traditionally classical instrument to innovative contexts. Other performances have included being featured by Lexus Australia to welcome guests into their marquee for the 2019 Spring Racing Carnival, and serenading the Melbourne Football Club at Parliament House. She has performed as a soloist at the Forum Theatre, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne Town Hall and completed a 6-month residency at the Langham Hotel, Melbourne.


Internationally, Liana has performed with the Australasian Harp Orchestra at the World Harp Congress in Hong Kong in 2017, and earned a scholarship with the Jazz Harp Foundation in 2018, travelling to Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, to learn from the greats of the Jazz harp world including, Park Stickney, Deborah Henson-Conant and Cristina Braga.

Liana is a collaborater in her electro-acoustic & intercultural band project, Përolas, with producer, guitarist & trumpet player Fabian Aravalès and drummer, Louis Spencely. Përolas recieved the award for 'Best Intercultural Act' in the 2019 Music Victoria Awards

Liana graduated from her Master's of Music Therapy studies at the University of Melbourne, Australia; an added string to her harp. She extends her gratitude to her teachers and mentors who have nourished her musical journey; Fabian Aravalés, Pamela Raines, Mary Doumany, Sacha Pollard, Nicki Wells and Lisa Young.

Photography by Rob Hamilton

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